Influencers & Consultants

Keep your finger on the pulse of your customers’ ever-changing needs, and then respond with speed and agility.


  • Migrating advice from paper to reality with a clear game plan that the customers can deploy
  • ​​
  • Falling short of maximum client satisfaction and results
  • Lack of competitive advantage
  • ​​
  • Unable to cultivate new customer touch points and losing out on follow-up from final reports

  • Shelly’s innovative Cloud-based and advanced AI platform empowers your current IT infrastructure, to constantly evolve with your market’s changing demands.

  • With Shelly, there’s no CAPEX needed, our solutions are OPEX and ROI focused.

  • Shelly injects agile, autonomous AI into your existing ERP system to quickly, with no programming, exceed changing market demands.

  • Shelly consultant’s leave a comprehensive, action-centric report that clearly outlines our technology solution and plan for implementation.
  • Shelly’s technology solutions help you generate customer loyalty and earn incredibly valuable “first right of refusal” standing.
  • Your consulting services are quantified and paid for through realized ROI via our NOSOLUIS pricing structure.
  • NO software
    NO licensing
    NO user fees

  • With Shelly technology solutions onboard, our ongoing Consultancy Maintenance allows your company to keep a finger on the pulse of your customer base’s ever-changing needs, and then respond with speed and agility.

  • Focus your consultative energy on solutions ad strategy, without being hampered by technology limitations.