Video Delivery Platform

Effective, accurate and centralized communication with a worldwide workforce is key to smooth and successful business operations. Shelly's Video Delivery Platform (VDP), powered by Tizbi, is a customizable, online secure video portal that merges high-quality video production with the content sharing and privacy needs of the corporate environment.

VDP offers compelling and effective video solutions for e-Learning, sales productivity, product training, HR training, inter-departmental communications, corporate policies, compliance and much more. VDP is a perfect fit for a large or midsize company with multiple departments, each department producing or purchasing a number of video content units. The platform ensures secure distribution of your videos, as well as, organized cataloging and archiving of all material with an easy-to-find search feature. VDP provides you with real-time access to a vast library of informational video clips centered on each step of our innovative workflow. This gives your staff--be it one office or a worldwide workforce--with immediate troubleshooting and resolution steps all in one easy-to-understand video clip. Our highly intelligent software platform can identify where your employee is in the process and retrieve the clip best suited to assist them.

Corporate employees are also personal social media users and VDP's features mirror today's familiar online media sharing sites, including:

  • VDP viewers can "Like" and "UNlike" videos, which then provides daily stats of what clips are trending at any given time
  • Once an employee "Likes" a video and gives it a high rating, that clip is stored in the user's "My Videos" file for quick reference in the future
  • Viewers can leave public comments on videos, which managers and supervisors can then track and monitor
  • Viewers can "Ask a Question" on any given clip; Managers can assign designated staff to receive and respond to these inquiries.
  • Managers and peers can recommended videos to staff and colleagues that will automatically show up in designated users' profiles
  • Managers can also assign mandatory viewing clips to employees and attach a due date. This due date appears in red in the top corner of the video icons.
  • Managers can then easily track and monitor when employees have completed their assignments

One of the most compelling attributes of VDP is the fact that Users can add, modify and delete content, as necessary. Administrators will provide managers with a control panel permitting them authority to assign learning paths to employees and even monitor their learning progress.
Here are just a few of the tools available in customizing your videos:

  • Chapter your videos
  • Synchronize video clips with a PowerPoint
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Create quizzes and final exams
  • Provide "Certificates of Completion"
  • Captioning synchronized with the video
  • Apply zooming effects that allow you to focus on critical messages
  • Publish content only to the departments/staff that need to have access
  • Assign user rights and privileges

VDP is designed to adhere to stringent corporate standards and regulations. Security is most certainly a mission critical concern and VDP's customizable software allows you to:

  • Create strong user passwords that follow a specific, proven protocol
  • Password expiration enforcement every 90 days for strong passwords, 30 days for passwords considered not strong
  • Non-recycling of passwords within the 12 previous passwords
  • Secure password self-reminders
  • Automatic disabling of inactive users
  • Multiple security roles
  • Local user administration

Please contact us at for access to our VDP demonstration.

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