Global Alliance

The Shelly Global Alliance is a worldwide collaboration among leaders in all aspects of business, including our partnership with US Global Energy Resources. This coalition of workflow efficiency expertise offers our clients access to the best practices knowledge of professional advisors and will help cultivate your sustainability plan.

Our Alliance partners build on the powerful framework of Shelly’s Innovative Workflow Software platform to overlay their proven strategies onto your specific business efficiency challenges. We empower your company to deploy comprehensive, customized methodologies in many ways; extensive field experience, exposure to a vast array of business models, diverse and holistically-driven competencies and harmony between energy, water and other natural resources.

Shelly is the exclusive informatics supplier for this one-of-a-kind operational workflow management. Our partners include:

Charlotte, NC
Informatics framework, industrial plants leader

EDF Trading
London, UK
Leader in the international wholesale energy market (electricity, natural gas, LNG, LPG, coal, freight and environmental products).

Haifa, Israel
Innovative logistics experts

Raleigh, NC
Commercial and industrial energy efficiency

Chapel Hill, NC
Experts in global sustainability and resiliency

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