Innovative Workflow Software

Leveraging Informatics for peak operational performance

Can you reduce your operational expenses while optimizing production or service?

Are you able to prove to regulators, partners and suppliers that you have a viable plan for sustainability?

Do you have a centralized technology partner that can help you manage your critical processes across a global workforce instantly?

With Shelly NC, Inc., the answer is yes.

We understand exactly how you use your internal and external resources and where you have gaps in process efficiency across your enterprise.

Our Innovative Workflow Software transforms standard operating procedures into knowledge-driven strategies and execution. The Informatics compile and analyze vast amounts of data previously trapped in the systems and procedures within your operations. Every day, our highly intuitive software assesses and adjusts your operational needs and output. Think of it almost as workflow “artificial intelligence.” Not only does your Shelly software track and identify your workflow lapses today, but as you use the system over time, it quite literally “learns your business” to provide the most accurate reporting of any inefficiencies that exist.

Innovative Workflow not only mines your invaluable system usage data – we allow you to interact with it in a way that provides a deeper understanding of your company and cultivates better business decisions. Our Innovative Workflow, in conjunction with our Mobile Workforce, Data Monetizer and Video Delivery Platform (VDP), creates a solid framework on which you attain stronger control over all aspects of your operations and discover new revenue streams currently hidden within your existing database.

By harnessing the comprehensive benefits of Innovative Workflow, you will also inspire innovation and discovery...further ensuring long-term value for your business and securing your position as an industry leader.

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